Punished for joining BJP! Dandavat circumambulation done with three tribal women of Bengal? video viral

BJP Attack TMC: West Bengal BJP President Sukanta Majumdar has accused the state’s ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) of harassing tribal women. The BJP leader said that these tribal women had joined the BJP. After which, as a punishment, he was made to bow down. After this he was forcibly included in TMC.

Majumdar said, "TMC did everything to insult them (tribal community). I appeal to all people of the tribal community across the country to protest against the party because they are anti-tribal."

Shared Video 

BJP state president has tweeted a video on his Twitter handle, in which three women are seen doing circumambulation while lying on the ground. Sharing the video on Friday (April 7), Majumdar wrote, “Tapan Gofanagar’s Martina Kisku, Shiuli Mardi, Thakran Soren and Malti Murmi joined BJP yesterday. She belongs to the tribal community. Today TMC goons forced him to return to TMC and asked him to do Dandavat Parikrama as a punishment.”

He further wrote, “TMC has repeatedly insulted the tribals. This is the limit. This is highly condemnable. We firmly stand by our workers and will do everything to protect them.”

Martina Kisku, Shiuli Mardi, Thakran Soren and Malati Murmu, resident of Tapan Gofanagar, Tapan, joined BJP yesterday. They belong to ST community.

Today, TMC goons forced them to return to TMC and punished them by asking them to do Dandavat Parikrama. pic.twitter.com/eks61eD2EP

— dr. Sukanta Majumdar (@DrSukantaBJP) April 7, 2023

Tension in BJP and TMC

For the last few days, the game of attack and counter attack is going on in BJP and TMC. Especially after the violent clashes over the procession on the day of Ram Navami, the two parties have intensified their attacks on each other. The BJP has accused the ruling Trinamool Congress of promoting a particular community in the state. At the same time, TMC leader and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has accused BJP leaders of inciting violence in the state.

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