Opinion: How will Nitish get what he wants by feeding him dates, ‘M’ likes ‘Y’

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Omprakash Ashk, Patna: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar hosted Iftar at his residence on Friday. Apart from the leaders of the Grand Alliance, a large number of people from the Muslim community also gathered. Nitish is still hopeful that the Muslims who have left him will come back with him. In changed circumstances, this may also be possible. Nitish stayed with the BJP continuously except for a few months. Now with RJD. It is a different matter that the grace of the minority community on Nitish Kumar has been less so far. Its indication was found once in the year 2018 as well.

JDU was indicated by Muslims in 2018 itself

In the year 2018, the Patna District Minority Conference of Janata Dal United (JDU) was held at Sri Krishna Memorial Hall. The organizers expected a large number of minorities to participate in the event. The truth turned out to be bitter. Most of the recent chairs remained empty from beginning to end. Khurshid alias Firoz Ahmed, the then Minority Welfare Minister of Bihar, publicly apologized for this. He considered himself ashamed when the chairs remained empty. Senior JDU leader and Nitish Kumar’s right hand man RCP Singh (no longer together) was also present in the programme. Then RCP Singh had said that JDU’s relationship with BJP is from 1996, but BJP’s policies have no effect on JDU’s policies. Haven’t been before. He assured the minorities that as long as the JDU, its leader Nitish Kumar and the Indian Constitution exist, the minorities have nothing to fear. Incidentally, he also mentioned the construction of Ram temple. He said that Congress is at the root of this dispute’s prolongation.

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Nitish Kumar didn’t understand even then

Nitish Kumar should have understood the meaning of less presence of minorities in the programme. Whether it is covering the tomb or attending Iftar parties, the minorities have no love for them as before. Whether he gives a million clarifications or gives repeated statements that he will never compromise with communalism, no matter who is with him, it doesn’t seem to have any significant effect on the mood of the minorities. In fact, if Nitish Kumar continues to succeed every time, then the trust of the minorities towards him was also a major reason for this. Once upon a time, the minority staunch supporters of the Congress sided with the RJD. But Nitish Kumar on many occasions assured by his conduct and speech that he cannot leave the minorities. Whether it was the occasion of Narendra Modi returning the flood relief money sent to Bihar as the Chief Minister of Gujarat or canceling a banquet with him, Nitish always gave priority to the sentiments of the minorities. When the BJP made Narendra Modi the prime ministerial candidate, Nitish severed ties with the BJP. The minorities kept their eyes on these steps and continuously gave them their support. Then the Muslims were left with no option. As soon as he found an alternative to the promising young turk Tejashwi Yadav, he again turned to the RJD. All the Muslim candidates of Nitish lost in the 2020 assembly elections. 8 won from Tejashwi’s party. Means Muslims now prefer Tejashwi over Nitish. Just understand that M means Muslims like Y means Yadav.
London’s Pushpam and JNU’s Kanhaiya… where did they get lost after the defeat in Bihar elections?

No Muslim candidate from JDU won in 2020

In the 2020 Bihar assembly elections, no Muslim candidate won from JDU, while 8 Muslim MLAs were elected from RJD. Owaisi’s party AIMIM was second in terms of victory of Muslim MLAs. Its 5 Muslim MLAs won. 4 from Congress party and one Muslim MLA each from CPI(M) and BSP. JDU had given tickets to 11 Muslim candidates, but none could win. A total of 19 Muslim MLAs were elected. In the 2015 assembly elections, 10 percent i.e. 24 Muslim MLAs were elected in Bihar. Bihar has a total of 243 assembly seats. In the 1985 assembly elections, the highest number of 34 Muslim MLAs were elected till date. Then there were 325 assembly seats in Bihar. Jharkhand was not divided then.
Nitish turned out to be much weaker than Lalu in stopping the riots, that incident of October 30

Number of Muslim MLAs in Bihar so far

  • 1952- 24 (Assembly seat 330)
  • 1957- 25 (Assembly seat 319)
  • 1962- 21 (Assembly seat 319)
  • 1957- 18 (Assembly seat 319)
  • 1969- 19 (Assembly seat 319)
  • 1972- 25 (Assembly seat 319)
  • 1977- 25 (Assembly seat 325)
  • 1980- 28 (Assembly seat 325)
  • 1985- 34 (Assembly seat 325)
  • 1990- 20 (Assembly seat 325)
  • 1995- 19 (Assembly seat 325)
  • 2000- 29 (Assembly seat 325)
  • 2005- 16 (Assembly seat 243)
  • 2010- 19 (Assembly seat 243)
  • 2015- 24 (Assembly seat 243)
  • 2020- 19 (Assembly Seat 243)

Game to weaken Chirag begins, Nitish’s party activates ‘Plan 13’

Iftar parties are a form of politics

Retired IPS and thinker Dhruv Gupta says that the purpose of organizing festivals of any religion is very pious, but over time the feeling of hypocrisy and show off prevails in them. These days every festival is taking the form of an event. In the month of Ramzan, a form of hypocrisy is seen in political iftar parties. The purpose of fasting is also to feel the pain of hunger and thirst of the needy people of the society by staying hungry and thirsty with a lot of self-control and purity. It is a sacred community event. According to Hazrat Muhammad, ‘The best feast is the one in which the poor are included.’ Iftar should be organized only for the needy. Selfishly, if you organize Iftar parties to impress politicians, administrators or big people of the society or to show off your glory, then it is absolutely against the holy spirit of Ramadan. Similarly, the participation of politicians in grand political Iftar parties is also forbidden. It is well known that the motive behind the grand Iftar parties of politicians is not the welfare of Muslims, but only the mobilization of their votes.

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