Mukesh Ambani Security: Ambanis will get Z+ security worldwide

Ambani Family Security: Mukesh Ambani and his family will get Z+ security not only in Mumbai but across the country and abroad. In fact, last year, a person from Tripura had filed a petition in the Supreme Court asking whether the Z+ protection given to the Ambani family is limited to Maharashtra only or outside of it.

The Supreme Court disposed of the petition. Hoy has made it clear to the petitioner that the Z+ category protection of industrialist Mukesh Ambani and his family is not limited to Mumbai only. It will be available across India and also outside India. However, the cost of all this security will be borne by the Ambani family itself.

What is the whole matter

In view of the threat to the security of industrialist Mukesh Ambani, he was given Z+ security. has gone Some of his family members have also been given Y+ protection. The petitioner named Vikas Saha has challenged this in the Tripura High Court through a Public Interest Litigation. Accepting the petition, the High Court had asked the Union Home Ministry to give details of the threat assessment to the Ambani family. The High Court had asked that the officials of the Ministry appear personally and give information. Challenging this, the Central Government had told the Supreme Court that the Maharashtra Government has provided security. The Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court have dismissed earlier petitions filed against it. This whole matter has nothing to do with Tripura. The government had also said that opposition to providing protection to the family cannot be the subject of a public interest petition. Only last year, the Supreme Court accepted this argument and ordered the continuation of security. Now given more clarity on your order.

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