Lockdown resumes, schools close, government employees work from home

New Delhi: Due to the deteriorating pollution situation in Delhi, it is time for a complete lockdown. The Arvind Kejriwal government has closed all schools for a week, while all government employees have been asked to work from home.

Taken at the meeting. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced these decisions and warned that we are also considering the modalities of a complete lockdown. They are also considering shutting down private vehicles. All construction work has been halted.

Delhi The most polluted city in the world
The air in Delhi, which deteriorated after Diwali, is still in critical condition . How bad Delhi is, you can see from this that Delhi is at the forefront of the 10 most polluted cities in the world. India’s Mumbai and Kolkata are also on the list. Switzerland-based climate group IQAir has released the new list. This group monitors air quality and pollution. The group is a technology partner in the United Nations Environment Program.

The list also includes Lahore, Pakistan, and Chenggu, China. Increasing levels of pollution in Delhi are a major contributor to straw burning in Punjab and Haryana and vehicle pollution in Delhi. Disputes are raging between the state governments over straw but no solution is forthcoming.

Pollution Board warns
Air quality level (AQI) 476, which falls into the critical category. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on Friday warned that air quality would remain poor for the next 48 hours. States and local bodies should implement emergency measures, including school closures, an ‘odd-even’ ban on private cars and a ban on all construction.

Uttar Pradesh Five cities have AQI over 400.
Air quality levels are deteriorating in Bulandshahr, Hapur, Noida, Meerut and Ghaziabad. Today the AQI in these five cities is over 400. Bulandshahr has an AQI level of 444. The PM10 level is 568 and the PM 2.5 level is 417. Air quality in Lucknow is poor. Here AQI 187, PM10 level 187 and PM 2.5 level 125.

. The government has been asked to consider other measures like a two-day lockdown. The Supreme Court said that there was a state of emergency in Delhi. The court said that cursing the farmers has become a fashion every time. The Center has been asked to prepare an emergency plan on November 15.

CJI said, “Everyone knows the situation.” We even wear masks at home. Tell me what steps have been taken to deal with the pollution. The situation has deteriorated due to burning of straw. What steps is the government taking to prevent this?

CJI raises the question, you seem to be saying that only farmers are responsible for this. We have nothing to do with this government or that government. Explain that this is a percentage. What about the rest of the pollution? What effective steps are you taking? “The question is not about the farmers,” said Justice DY Chandrachur. The question is how to implement the schemes effectively.

Apart from straw, there are issues like vehicles, dust, etc., which need to be considered. The court also questioned the Delhi government, saying that it has become a fashion for all governments to curse farmers every time. What if firecrackers are banned? What has been happening in the last 7-8 days? What is Delhi Police doing? He also asked to consider measures like banning certain types of vehicles. . The rest of Delhi has pollution, especially from firecrackers, industries, dust, etc. We need immediate control measures. If needed, consider a 2-day lockdown or something else. Otherwise how will people live? We need to rise above politics and government.

The Supreme Court asked Tushar Mehta why the Center does not take straw from farmers and give it to industries. Give us information about some of the districts and societies where straw is being managed.

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