Demonetisation: ‘Demonetisation not wrong just because Center decided’, 5 big things about Supreme Court verdict

SC On Demonetisation: After hearing the petitions filed against demonetisation, the Supreme Court has delivered its verdict. In its judgment, the court has upheld Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2016 demonetisation decision. Along with this, 58 petitions against demonetisation have been dismissed. In a bench of 5 judges, 4 gave a decision in favor of demonetisation with a majority. Along with this, Justice Bibi Nagaratan had a different opinion. Let us know the 5 most important points of the Supreme Court judgment.

– The Court observed that the word ‘any’ in Section 26 of the RBI Act cannot be given a restrictive meaning (the Court held that The matter is said in the context of the petitioners who say that not all series of an asset can be demonetized because Section 26 of the RBI Act. "someone" Mentions and "all" Not of.
– The court wrote in an important note that the decision-making process cannot be faulted merely because the proposal was brought by the Centre.

– Central government with RBI It is the right to make a decision after discussion. The judges said that there was a dialogue between the Center and the RBI for 6 months, so the decision making process cannot be faulted.

– The Supreme Court said that there is no flaw in the process followed while taking the decision C, so there is no need to stay the decision.

– On the question that people were not given time for this, the court said, “People have 52 days to change the notes. was given We don’t think it is wrong anywhere.

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