‘Attack on Hindus is not tolerated’, Giriraj Singh said – Mamta wants to make Bengal old Kashmir and Nitish Bihar as Pak

Giriraj Singh on Nitish Kumar and Mamta: Union Minister Giriraj Singh has asked Nitish Kumar and Mamta about the violence in Bihar and West Bengal. There has been a strong attack on Banerjee. Giriraj said in open words that he (Nitish) is turning Bihar into Pakistan and Bangladesh? So on the other hand, Mamta wants to make Bengal old Kashmir.

Giriraj Singh said in a special interview given to ABP News, he (Nitish Kumar) is getting Hindus attacked to get the votes of Muslims. He alleged, for the sake of votes, they are giving leave in Ramzan. There are holidays in schools on Friday. You (Nitish) build the Red Fort, you build the Taj Mahal, you build a mosque, we have nothing to do with it, but if there is an attack on Hindus, it will not be tolerated at all.

These people are abusing Hindus only… – Giriraj Singh

The Union Minister, while speaking in a harsh manner, said, did the Hindus themselves throw stones at their procession? They are abusing Hindus only. Hindus got beaten up, Hindu processions were also humiliated, Hindu’s faith was also hurt and these people are abusing them. 

Mamata Banerjee wants to make Bengal like 1990 Kashmir – Giriraj 

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