Liquor Sale: ‘Lal Pari’ went well in Delhi from Christmas to New Year! People drank alcohol worth 218 crores, a broken record

Liquor Sale On New Year: Liquor worth Rs 45.28 crore was sold on New Year celebrations in the national capital Delhi. This has recorded the highest ever sale of 20.30 lakh bottles of liquor. According to information received from PTI, over one crore bottles of liquor, worth over Rs 218 crore, were sold in Delhi during this week-long event from Christmas to New Year (December 24 to 31). This is the highest record in the last three years.

According to the information, the highest sale of 20.30 lakh bottles worth Rs 45.28 crore was recorded on the evening of December 31, a day before New Year. According to a senior excise department official, a total of 1.10 crore bottles of liquor, mostly whiskey, were sold from December 24 to December 31.

He said that on December 24, a total of 14.7 lakh bottles were sold in the city, worth Rs 28.8 Crore is Rs. The lowest liquor bottles sold in the capital on December 27 were 11 lakh bottles worth less than Rs 19.3 crore.

Record average sale of 13.8 lakh liquor bottles< br />According to the official, the average sale of 13.8 lakh liquor bottles was recorded in the national capital in December, which was the best year-end sale in three years. Due to this, the Delhi government has received an income of Rs 560 crore from the sale in December. In the year 2021, 12.52 lakh bottles were sold in Delhi in December, 12.95 lakh bottles in 2020 and 12.55 lakh bottles in 2019.

The excise department says these sales are made from liquor shops and clubs among other places. was About the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia’s excise policy Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government and the Center have seen high sales of liquor after a major political standoff in the national capital. The Excise Policy Policy means the Delhi government’s exit from the retail liquor business in the national capital.

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