Amritpal Singh Case: ‘I am absolutely safe…’, know what Amritpal’s close friend Pappalpreet Singh said after his arrest

Papalpreet Singh Statement: Papalpreet Singh, who was running as a shadow for a long time with fugitive Amritpal Singh, was arrested from Kathunal in Punjab in a joint operation. Now the police has brought Pappalpreet to Amritsar. After the arrest, Pappalpreet told the media, ‘I am absolutely safe. I was arrested in Kathunangal on Monday (April 10)’.

After the arrest of Pappalpreet, now the Punjab Police will be helped to find out many secrets related to Amritpal. Pappalpreet had a hand in his escape as well. After absconding, he had also searched for new hideouts for Khalistani supporters for several days. 

Papplepreet was seen in Dera 

Amritpal and Pappalpreet were seen together 

Please inform that Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh had escaped from the police custody in Jalandhar district on March 18. He had changed both his car and look only after absconding. After this, many of his videos and audios also surfaced. Pappalpreet was also seen with him in many videos. In one of the footage, both of them were also seen walking in a street in Delhi wearing masks. It is believed that when the police chased the vehicle of both till Hoshiarpur, they got separated. Now the police will interrogate Pappalpreet regarding Amritpal. 

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