Agra News: By winning the trust of the owner, the servant gave a big blow, cleared the jewelry worth 65 lakhs

Sunil Saket, Agra: A case of a servant ‘cheating’ his master has come to light from Agra. In the case, the servant stole jewelery worth 65 lakhs kept in the house and made a deal on Instagram for 15 lakhs. The servant sold the jewelery to a jeweler in Agra and fled with the money. When the police caught the servant, the incident came to light. On Sunday, the Mumbai Police raided Agra and arrested 5 including the accused Saraf.

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Vishnu Kumar Gupta, who lives in Dadar area of ​​Mumbai, has a business of aluminum utensils. His son Meet Gupta told that the family members had gone to Siliguri from 5 to 7 February. Hanspuri Goswami, the servant in the house was left to look after. The servant had been working in the house for 5 years. That’s why he was trusted, but as soon as the people of the house left, the servant ran away with the things the next day. On his return, he came to know about the whole incident. Jewelery worth 65 lakh was stolen from Hanspuri house. Hanspuri is a resident of Banaskantha in Gujarat.

deal done in Agra

Police officials said that on February 6, Hanspuri had carried out the incident. Caught it a week ago. He told the police that he contacted Saraf of Agra through Instagram. Saraf called her to Shahganj market with jewellery. He showed the jewelry. Got punched and Saraf melted all the jewellery. Gave 15 lakhs of jewelry worth 65 lakhs. He left with the money.

Mumbai police raided

The Mumbai Police reached Agra on Sunday, taking along the accused servant Hanspuri. Six policemen including Inspector Ramakrishna Sangde and the businessman’s son came to Agra. The police kept raiding throughout the night. Took 5 accused into custody. Efforts are being made to recover the jewelery from them.

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