Do not forget to take care of the dumb in Holi’s fever… keep your pets safe by adopting these tips

How TO Take Care Of Pet In Holi: Holi is considered to be one of the most revered festivals celebrated with fun and happiness. Rang, Abir, Gulal, dance, singing everything happens. You already take out a lot of measures so that you don’t get dissolved in the colors of Holi’s happiness and you don’t have any problem with harmful colors, but often one aspect about which people don’t think  is that we are our We forget to take care of pets. The way market colors are harmful for us humans, they are also harmful for animals. Most colors available in the market are actually a combination of various chemicals that irritate the skin of dogs and cats and if they lick it, can cause nasal irritation and possibly respiratory allergies or infections resulting in fatal poisoning Cover the abdomen with a cotton cloth.

Colors can harm pets

They feel that as long as they use dry colors on their pets, there is no harm, but most breeds are so sensitive that their skin gets rashes. Also some people themselves Not only do we consume sweets, we also feed them to our pets, but We should keep in mind that sweets can be given to dogs  Do not like.

How to take care of your stomach during Holi

  • cover the abdomen with a cotton cloth
  • teach children not to use colors on pets
  • protect open wounds in pets so that Do not let it come in contact with the colour
  • If accidentally your stomach comes in contact with the colours, immediately clean it with normal or pet soap
  • On the body of the pet  Do not use oil
  • Do not use detergent, kerosene, spirits, nail polish remover or alcohol to remove the color if the stomach has come in contact with the color
  • Don’t use a comb
  • Don’t give your pet sweets as they are allergic to it
  • Don’t give bhang or thanda to the pet as this can lead to a medical emergency
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