Health Benefits of Water Chestnut: Must eat water chestnut in winter, know the benefits

Benefits of Water Chestnut: There are many fruits and vegetables which are very beneficial for health as well as giving taste. Water chestnut is also one such fruit. Water chestnut has many medicinal benefits. From asthma patients to pregnant women, water chestnut is no less than a boon. Eating water chestnut in winter provides relief in many diseases. Let us know how consuming small water chestnut is beneficial for our health:
1. People who have asthma They should definitely consume water chestnut. Eating it provides relief in respiratory problems.
2. We all know that high blood pressure is fatal for our heart. It happens. But very few people would know that blood pressure can be controlled by the consumption of water chestnut. By controlling blood pressure, water chestnut keeps our heart healthy 
3. water chestnut also acts as a pain reliever. Applying water chestnut paste on the part of the body where there is pain, it provides relief. Eating water chestnut also provides relief in cracked heels.
4. water chestnut is rich in calcium. Calcium is very important for our bones. Consumption of water chestnut helps in making our bones strong by increasing the amount of calcium in the body.
5.  Not only the diseases of the body are removed, but it is also helpful in reducing weight. Actually water chestnut is low in calories and rich in fiber. This is a great combination to lose weight.
6.water chestnut is beneficial for women in many ways. Consumption of water chestnut during pregnancy  has a good effect on the health of the woman and her unborn child. Women suffering from the problem of menstruation 



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