Fake cough syrup is being found indiscriminately in the market, if you do not recognize it, then liver-kidney can be damaged as soon as you drink it.

Cough syrup is the only thing that can give you relief. But some people start drinking any cough syrup from the market on the advice of others without consulting the doctor. But in such a situation, the question arises that whatever cough syrup you are drinking is real or fake, how will it be known? Is it possible to know? The most surprising thing is that fake cough syrup will give you relief, it can also damage your liver and kidney. A few days back, a fake cough syrup factory was busted in Palwal, Haryana. State Narcotics Bureau has recovered fake cough syrup bottles of Onrex from Wings Company.  According to the report published in the Hindi portal of ‘Network 18’, whenever you go to buy cough syrup, keep these things in mind. Counterfeit cough syrup

Do not buy cough syrup without a prescription

Never buy cough syrup by asking someone. Take the medicine only on the advice of the doctor. Many times there are some diseases in which it is advised to drink certain types of cough syrup. Like- eye glaucoma, allergy, asthma, asthma. 

Buy only after seeing the QR code

QUR or unique code is printed on genuine medicines. You can find out the manufacturing date of the medicine by scanning this code with your mobile phone. Not only this, you can explore the complete history of this medicine. If there is no cover or code on any syrup, then it can be fake. The rule is that medicines costing more than Rs 100 have a barcode. Do check the manufacturing dates and expiry dates once. Many times it happens that sellers of fake medicines do not change the description above the syrup. Because of which it is very difficult to differentiate between right and wrong. Also check the seal of the cough syrup once. 

If you do not get relief from cough, take it to the doctor

You do not get relief even after drinking cough syrup So you should definitely see a doctor once. Also tell the doctor which medicine you have taken for a few days. In this way the doctor will be able to identify whether the cough syrup is genuine or fake.  After this, the doctor can ask you to drink the right syrup in the prescription. 

Be careful if you get too much sleep

Is it normal after drinking cough syrup? Sleep comes. But if you get more then check the cough syrup you are drinking once. And stop taking it immediately.

Don’t take syrup near the expiry date

Whenever you go to buy cough syrup, buy only the one near its manufacturing date. Don’t take a syrup which is going to expire in 10-15 days. 

The color of the syrup is changed

Any cough syrup you are drinking and you It seems that its color is different, then definitely put a complaint about it. So that other people also become alert. 

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