Water: Eight glasses of water a lot? Is it dangerous to drink too much?

Water is essential for sustaining life. In the past, human settlements were located near rivers and lakes. Now we are pumping water through the pipes to where we live. Good health requires drinking enough water. Drinking too much or too little water can disrupt the body’s function.

Why do we need water? Every cell, tissue and organ in the body needs water to function properly. It flushes waste products out of the body through urination, & nbsp; sweating, and bowel movements. Regulates body temperatures. Helps the brain to perform its functions. Water-based beverages and food intake should increase water storage in the body.

How much water does a person need per day? Will be. It also depends on what kind of environment you live in. For example, those who live in cold places need to drink less water, but those who live in hot places need to drink more water and fluids. The prestigious Mayo Clinic in the United States recommends drinking water for the average healthy person. )

This recommendation includes water, other beverages, and fluids that we take from food. About 20% of our water supply to the camel is through daily feeding. The rest should be replaced with water, coconut water, and fruit juices. & Nbsp;

Why eight glasses of water a day? You can easily understand the number of glasses rather than the number of cups and liters. That is why it is said to drink eight glasses of water. However, for those who exercise and struggle in the sun, a lot of fluids are expelled through sweat. They need to drink another glass. & Nbsp;

What happens if you drink too much water? They constantly struggle to expel excess water. In addition the sodium content in your blood becomes thinner. This is called hyponatremia. This can sometimes make the situation worse. Sometimes it causes kidney failure and poor blood circulation to the heart. & nbsp;

Important Note: Health professionals, as mentioned in many studies, are presented here as usual. You should consult a doctor or dietitian if you have any doubts. You will notice that this article is just for your understanding.

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