Health Care Tips: These ‘Things’ Will Increase Oxygen Levels In The Body; Just make small changes in diet

Oxygen Level: Currently, the level of oxygen in the body of many is declining due to pollution. So if you want to increase the oxygen level in the body, you have to pay special attention to diet. Increased oxygen in the body also boosts immunity. The simplest way to increase oxygen levels is to learn & nbsp; – & nbsp;

Drink plenty of water – If you want to increase your body’s oxygen level, you should drink plenty of water every day. When we drink water. Then oxygen reaches the cells in our body. It also keeps the body hydrated. & Nbsp; Our body is 70% water. So drinking less water can lead to migraines, indigestion and obesity.

Eat low salt foods – According to Ayurveda, low salt foods should be included in the diet. This is because eating foods high in salt causes water retention and makes breathing difficult. Deficiency of potassium in the body also causes difficulty in breathing. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Include foods high in hemoglobin in the diet to increase oxygen levels in the body. Eating amla, guava, green leafy vegetables, pomegranate and lemon etc. increases oxygen level. & Nbsp;

Drink this healthy drink to increase the oxygen level in the body & nbsp; & nbsp;
Ingredients for making the drink- & nbsp; Carrot, Pomegranate, Beet, Spinach, Orange, Turmeric, Cinnamon Powder & nbsp;
Mix Carrot, Pomegranate, Beet, Spinach, Orange, Turmeric, Cinnamon Powder in juicer . & nbsp;

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Tip- ABP does not confirm the above information. Any treatment, diet and medication should be taken on the advice of a doctor. & Nbsp;

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