Gujarat Politics: On playing Holi in the assembly, Chavda raised the issue of farmers, Vaghani said Congress used to throw pieces

Ahmedabad: Congress and BJP are determined on the issue of Gujarat farmers. Attacking BJP MLAs for playing Holi in the Vidhansabha, the Congress said that the government does not see any problem with the farmers. The government is busy in making a spectacle. Congress leader in the assembly Amit Chavda said that farmers are worried all over the state. Already they are not getting the price of their crop. Now unseasonal rain has increased their difficulty. In such a situation, the government should be with the farmers, then the government is busy in celebration and spectacle with the tax money of the people. Chavda said that Congress is not a participant in any such festival. BJP leader Jitu Vaghani retaliated on the Congress leader’s attack and said that the government has announced assistance worth crores of rupees. Congress should see its package. Vaghani said that the Congress used to throw pieces.

waste of tax money
The politics in the state has heated up over the program of playing Holi for the first time in the Gujarat Assembly located in Gandhinagar. While Congress and AAP MLAs distanced themselves from the program of Rangotsav, Congress leader Amit Chavda termed the event as a waste of people’s money. Chavda said that the condition of the farmers is pathetic. They are forced to sell their onion, garlic and potato crops at rates ranging from 50 paise to Rs 2 per kg. The assistance given by the government. That is insufficient. It is only Rs.1-2 per kg. When the government should have worried about the farmers, then the government is busy in festivals. Chavda said that people’s tax money is being wasted. It is being spent in spectacle. Chavda said that the demand of the Congress is that every penny of the public should be spent for the public. That is why the Congress decided not to participate in the event. Chavda said that the farmers are crying today. They are in sorrow.

Congress leave negativity
The BJP has retaliated strongly after Congress Legislature Party leader Amit Chavda termed the Rangotsav program as a farce and a waste of tax payers’ money. BJP leader Jitu Vaghani said on Chavda’s statement that the government has given a package of crores of rupees. Assistance has been announced for the farmers. Congress should shun negativity. Vaghani said that the Congress used to throw pieces to the farmers at its time. For the first time in the history of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, a program to play Holi was organized. This program was organized by the Secretariat after the approval of the Speaker Shankar Chowdhary. Along with the MLAs of the ruling party, all the cabinet ministers and Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel were also present in it.

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