Then started the journey from Porbandar, this time preparing for the end, see how much Rahul has changed

Ahmedabad: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is planning to go on Part-2 of Bharat Jodo Yatra. There were also indications of this in the three-day 85th session of the Congress in Raipur. This of Rahul will start from Arunachal Pradesh and end in Gujarat. The name of this Yatra has not been decided yet, it is being said that the name of this Yatra can be Tapasya Yatra. Congress leaders and workers in Gujarat have become excited because of the talk of Rahul Gandhi’s visit. The party, which is looking for enthusiasm after the defeat in the assembly elections, needs a big booster dose before the elections from 2024. Rahul will be present in Gujarat after a long time in the form of a visit.

In the 2017 elections, Rahul Gandhi swept Gujarat along with the then party general secretary Ashok Gehlot. If this second visit of Rahul takes shape, he will again reach Bapu’s birthplace after more than five years. This journey of Rahul is being called the journey from East to West. Its name can be Tapasya Yatra. Last time when Rahul Gandhi reached Porbandar, he had seen and understood things related to Mahatma Gandhi for a long time, although Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia could not win from Porbandar’s seat, this time Modhwadia won from Porbandar, but in the state. The party is in its worst phase ever.

Rahul Gandhi at Kirti Mandir in Porbandar.

Rahul went to Kirti Mandir
When Rahul Gandhi reached Porbandar, he was the Vice President of the Congress. Rahul has come a long way since that Porbandar visit. Congress workers are hopeful that Rahul Gandhi’s visit this time will be beneficial. In his last visit, Rahul Gandhi had also met fishermen during his visit to Porbandar, where the central government of BJP was besieged on the issue of demonetisation during the election season. Rahul Gandhi also went to Kirti Mandir then and spent a lot of time there.


Rahul Gandhi with Ashok Gehlot looking at Bapu’s pictures. Photo of 2017 tour

Traveled from Porbandar to Ahmedabad
Rahul Gandhi had traveled up to Ahmedabad after addressing the Navarsajan Machhimar Adhikar Sabha in Porbandar. The journey ended in Nicole. This was Rahul’s election journey which was about 400 kms. Rahul also held intermittent meetings at many places and met people. A senior Congress leader says that due to the campaign of Rahul Gandhi, the party reached 77 seats and the BJP was reduced to 99, this time there was a vacuum in the election campaign of the Congress. Due to this the party suffered losses. Congress has got only 17 seats in the 2022 elections. In such a situation, the party hopes that the party can benefit from the austerity journey.
Congress preparing for another journey on the lines of Bharat Jodo Yatra, plan from Pasighat to Porbandar

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