Atique Ahmed: Screws tightened after punishment, know how the days of mafia Atique Ahmed are passing in the new cell

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Ahmedabad: After life sentence in Umesh Pal kidnapping case, mafia Atiq Ahmed has been tightened with new rules in jail. After the verdict of the Prayagraj Court, the restless Ateeq has been shifted by the Sabarmati Jail Administration to a high security barrack in the old compound. This is the most high security area of ​​Sabarmati Jail. Ateeq Ahmed is not sleeping properly in the new cell, as his new cell is a bit smaller than the previous one. Apart from this, the guarding of the security personnel is also tighter now. Last month, when the Prayagraj police reached Atiq Ahmed after 74 hours, he complained of dizziness. After this his health was examined. If sources are to be believed, Atiq Ahmed has not kept his fast in jail due to ill health.

Why is it called 200 Kholi barracks?
The barrack in which Mafia Atiq Ahmed is kept is called 200 Kholi Barrack. The 200-room barracks of Sabarmati Jail are divided into four yards. There are 50 barracks in each yard. Of these, 100 barracks are meant to keep terrorists. In this, terrorists related to Ahmedabad serial blasts are also locked. Mafia Atiq has been kept in 50 barracks. So, in the remaining 50 barracks, a builder Raman Patel is locked. Patel can come out of his cell, but Ateeq Ahmed will be able to come out. He will have to remain in his cell (Solitary confined cell). According to jail officials, now his relatives will not be able to meet Atiq Ahmed. According to jail officials, now Mafia Ahmed will not get to get out of the lockup. He has to live in the egg cell. The cell in which Atiq Ahmed is kept. It has bathroom facilities inside. In view of security, guards have been deployed around the barracks. Apart from this, Atiq Ahmed will be monitored with CCTV cameras for 24 hours. Apart from this, if someone comes to meet Atiq, he will not be able to meet easily.

As per the jail manual, Atiq Ahmed was shifted to another high security barrack. Now he will have more surveillance than before. There is not much difference in the size of the cell but it is slightly smaller than before.
An Officer, Sabarmati Jail

Why was the barrack changed?
Janu, Atiq Ahmed, lodged in Sabarmati Jail since 2019, will now have to live with the strict rules of the jail. Till now he was in the new premises of Sabarmati Central Jail. In which undertrial prisoners are kept. Atiq had the facility of eating tiffin outside. After being convicted, he will get jail food. The Sabarmati jail administration has changed the barrack of Atiq Ahmed after he was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Umesh Pal kidnapping case. Atiq Ahmed is inmate number 17502 in the jail. Jail officials say that in the coming days all jail rules will be implemented on Atiq Ahmed. In such a situation, it would be difficult for the mafia Atiq Ahmed to see the open sky. A trusted source in the jail told that Atiq Ahmed is a bit restless after returning from Prayagraj. He takes a walk in the cell. Tries to sleep even during the day.

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