Everyone says that my voice does not suit Mammootty! Singing for Mohanlal is like that! MG Sreekumar’s words!

Mohanlal and MG Sreekumar are close friends. When MG calls him Lalu, Mohanlal calls him Sreekuttan. Everybody asks if that’s Mohanlal’s voice when he sings. The film industry had also testified that MG’s chemistry with Mohanlal was excellent. MG said that he had sung for Lal from the beginning and that was what changed as he got more songs later. MG said this during an interview with Grihalakshmi. He said that when he sang for Mohanlal in the film, it sounded like Lal’s voice. MG said that he was a singer for Mohanlal when the song was sung for Mohanlal. Dassette sang for Mammootty then. Many people say that my voice does not suit Mammootty. Laughter comes when you hear it. In an interview, MG Sreekumar said that it is a great truth that even if someone else sings like Dassette, it does not fit. He has a different voice from Dassette. He said that was why his wife liked him. Chettan advised never to try to imitate anyone. Chettan says not to imitate anyone but Dassette. Initially, he tried to imitate Dassette. It was changed by Chettan’s discipline. Gurus also tell us to go our own way. He says he believes his career has turned out well because he chose such a path. MG Sreekumar also spoke about the high level of criticism leveled against him and his wife. One allegation was that his wife was going to record with MG and that Lekha was choosing the songs. It is the people in the film who have created such a slanderous propaganda. He does not go with any recording in general, he is a man who has created his own style and space. Lekha, meanwhile, said he would not comment.

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