puneeth rajkumar death: God… is there anyone else for you? Puneet remembers Bikki Bikki Aunt Leelavathi – leelavathi and vinod raj condoles


  • Puneet Rajkumar no more
  • Vinod Raj mourns death of Puneeth Rajkumar
  • Bikki Bikki Aunt is a senior actress

Varanatha is the son of Dr. Rajkumar Puneet Rajkumar Have become. Puneet Rajkumar dies from severe heart attack and cardiac arrest. The whole tragedy of Appu’s untimely death is shocking. The fan base has reached its end. Veteran actress to death of Puneet Rajkumar Lilavati And son Vinod Raj Kambani. Appu remembers him and Lilavati and Vinod Raj weeping bikki.

Oh god
“Today, the fate of Appuran, who has grown up in the hugs of thousands of people, has taken off. This death is certainly not justice. Theirs is certainly not the age of dying. We don’t really believe that. God .. do you have anyone else? There are so many traitors in the world. “Oh god, Puneeta …” actress Lilavati burst into tears.

Puneet no more: Why is Massive Anterior Wall heart attack?
It is good that God does not obey us
“We are all dead and dead. Come on, love, Mom, Mom. Becoming very agony. What’s up. Appu’s losing his lot is very painful. God is great cruelty. My mind is broken. God is good to us too. All this is not very clear. We are not looking, ”said Vinod Raj sadly.

Duruthi who wept for father’s final vision
The funeral on Sunday
Puneeth Rajkumar’s daughter Driti had returned home from abroad. The funeral of Parineet Rajkumar will take place tomorrow (Oct. 31) at Kanterava Studio. The funeral of Puneeth Rajkumar is being prepared at the grave of his father Dr. Rajkumar and his mother Parvathamma Rajkumar.

Appu’s funeral on Sunday: daughter Dhriti come and Pappa. The passionate Raghanna
Final trip to dawn
The final public appearance of Puneeth Rajkumar’s body is now available at the Kanthirawa Stadium. The final walk-through is open until Sunday morning. The final leg of the tour will begin at Kantirava Stadium on Sunday at 5.30 am to 6 pm.

The parade will take place from Kanthirawa Stadium to Corporation, Mysore Bank Circle, Chalukya Circle, Kaveri Junction, Sankey Lake, Circle Maramma, Yashwantpur and RMC Yard. The funeral will be held at the Concert Studio. Funeral arrangements will be made by the family and the public will not be allowed to attend the funeral.

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