Chacko Murder Case: Can’t walk out now because of ‘Kurup’; Kurup’s friend’s reaction goes viral! – approver of chacko murder case shahu reaction on kurup movie


  • Kurup’s friend’s words go viral
  • Shahu says he can’t walk out
  • Shahu said that the old story is now remembered by everyone

Kurup Activists and film critics alike were thrilled to receive the audience with open arms. Dulquer thanked the audience for the huge reception Kurup received. Dulquer and his team have hidden big surprises in the film. The audience welcomed Kurup to the theaters with great enthusiasm. Now the statement of a person who is in trouble due to Kurup is getting attention on social media. His complaint is that he cannot walk out now due to Kurup.

Kurup cinema has been a constant presence in the controversy since the announcement of the film. As the name suggests, the film tells the life story of Sukumar Kumar Kurup, the most notorious criminal ever to be caught in Kerala. There has been a lot of talk about making a movie with a criminal as the protagonist as it is the story of a catch. However, Kurup came to the theaters after the cast and crew calmed down and made it clear that they would never justify Kurup in the film.

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Kurup’s release details were taken up after the film was screened, including the family members of Chacko, the man who killed Kurup. The movie is now making a big splash in the theaters and the show is dusting off. Now, the response of Shahu, an apologist in the Chacko murder case, is gaining more attention.

Shahu is also a friend of Sukumara Kurup. Shahu, who met Kurupinder in Abu Dhabi, later became an apology witness in the case. The video of Shahu responding to the media has now become the talk of the town. Shahu’s response was in an interview with Mathrubhumi News. When he went to catch Kurup’s film, he complained that no one asked him anything.

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Shahu says that when such a story was made into a film, the opinion of other persons involved in the case and the truth of the case could have been investigated. Shahu says no one has approached him. Shahu said that the name he had changed for thirty-seven years was now remembered by people again and that he could not even go out to work now. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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