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Aranmanai 3; Advertising in the name of Arya caught the attention of the audience!
-Sandeep Santosh

‘Aranmanai 3’ is a Tamil film starring Sundar C and starring Arya, Rashi Khanna, Andrea Jeremiah, Vivek, Sakshi Agarwal, Yogi Babu, Manobala, Vela Ramamurthy and Sampath. The movie which was released in the theaters of Tamil Nadu on the 14th of last month has now started streaming through C5.

After the blockbuster film Sarpatta Paramparai, the film had a lot of expectations from the audience as it was Arya’s movie.
But Aranmanai 3, cooked by director Sundar C, does not taste good on the tongues of the audience. Let’s take a look at the factors that turned the film into something that turned expectations upside down.

Note the ‘Kanchana’ films which have been huge successes in the horror comedy category- although the characters change in them, no significant changes can be seen in the story, the context and the rest of the ingredients. There are no changes in the sequels and similar making and making of Aranmanai. The story of the film comes to the minds of most of the audience when they hear the title Aranmanai 3 in the horror comedy genre.

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The main theme of the story is an old palace, needless to say, haunted! Its owner, Rajasekhar, a landlord, had locked a secret chamber in the temple in the village for years. People who thought it was a treasure in a secret chamber opened it after a legal battle. Many extraordinary things happen to Him.
Until then, there were ghosts in the palace, but nothing had happened that could endanger anyone’s life.

But after opening the chamber of the temple, some people associated with the palace are killed. The film shows the connection between the current supernatural events and similar events that took place 22 years ago and the reasons behind it.

The haunted palace, some of the characters in love, some of the characters who are frauds or fools, the brave central character who seeks out the cause and tries to find a solution when the plague comes, the flashback that tells the story of the battle of the soul, and finally revenge – the slaying. Even the average child who watches Indian horror movies knows that this is the trajectory of the story. Congratulations to the director for his willingness to roll the film back exactly the same path – what a brave act!
The audience is the main reason why so many films are made in this format.

This is not the case with other audiences, including Malayalees, who watch Tamil films. In general, the Tamil people are very interested in stories that contain elements of ghost and God. It is because they watch movies only for entertainment and not for logic that such supernatural stories started coming to the theater along with comedy. There is still an audience in the world of Tamil cinema to see films coming in this format and will see them in the future.

The only thing the director did in Aranmanai3 was to capitalize on the market value of the actor Arya and other actors.

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The story, which is neither new nor catchy, and the screenplay, which feels repetitive and boring, have paralyzed the film from the very beginning. Though the film was expected to come up with Arya’s debut, this time the actor was not even in a position to move on his own. The director tried to stitch the romance by snatching a couple of songs from the Arya-Rashi Khanna combination but nothing happened.
As Arya’s character is haunted at some point, there is a vacancy for a savior like Sunny in ‘Manichitrathazhi’ and the director takes on the role himself.

The film, which had not made much progress till then, was so broken and completely lying down! Those who saw the film as an Aryan hero, though with no other merit, were deceived. The director was snatching the hero’s chair from Arya. Later, the director tried to replace Arya by sidelining her. Although Arya did not get the seat of the hero, the director was not able to sit in it.

None of the stars like Arya, Rashi Khanna and Andrea were able to impress the audience. Despite the presence of talented actors like Vivek, Yogi Babu and Manobala, he is not satisfied with the comedy, which shows the plight of the film. Aranmanai 3, one of Vivek’s last films, was also disappointed. Screenwriter Venkat Raghavan and director Sundar C did not try to make good use of the actors. Like the story, the character creation is arboreal, along with the bad script, the direction and the cast affected the cast.
The VFX / CGI scenes were of poor quality.
Nothing but the cinematography of UK Senthil Kumar and the editing of Fanny Oliver, as well as the art department, helped to elevate the film.
Only the songs sung by C Satya can be said to have improved in the group.

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