puneeth rajkumar: ‘I had to work hard to get my own home, Kodtheni for my education for children’ – Vishal – tamil actor vishal speaks about puneeth rajkumar


  • ‘Puneet Naman’ program at the Palace grounds
  • Vishal is a Tamil actor who participated in ‘Puneeth Naman’
  • Actor Vishal says I am responsible for the education of the 1800 children that Puneet was reading

The late actor Puneet Rajkumar (Puneeth Rajkumar) From the Kannada film industry today to pay tribute to him Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce ‘Puneet Nama’Puneeth Namana) The program is organized. ‘Puneet Naaman’ is being held at Gayatri Vihara, Palace grounds, Bangalore. Politicians, stars, dignitaries and family members of Dr Rajkumar, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, BS Yeddyurappa, DK Shivakumar and R Ashok participated in the ‘Puneet Naman’ program.

Tamil actor in ‘Puneeth Namana’ Vishal (Vishal) Were also involved. Annav’s son Puneet Rajkumar was responsible for the education of 1800 children. Vishal said after the death of Puneet Rajkumar, “I am responsible for the education of all those 1800 children.” Actor Vishal talks about the same in ‘Puneeth Naman’.

Actor Vishal is responsible for the 1800 students that Puneet was reading
What did Tamil actor Vishal say in ‘Puneet Naaman’?
” I know a little bit of Kannada. Our father is a mirror. Puneet… my older brother. Puneeth’s face still looks in front of my eyes. Two days they didn’t believe me. When Puneeth’s death came to his ears, I could not hear from him. I didn’t dare attend the funeral. ”

Preparing for the Puneet Namana program: Who will participate?
” I have given a speech to my brother (Puneeth). I am making a request to the Shivanna, Raghanna and Appu family. Well, let me give the children an education. What I’m doing is for publicity, not for money. Truth be told, Andre, I do not own a home until now. I should have taken a house. It does not matter. I can buy a house next year too. However, child education is very important. No matter how many years of Puneet’s name, everyone should remember. He has helped so many people without telling anyone. His heart is known to all over the world. A man like Puneet cannot be forgotten. I was not so close with Puneeth. I didn’t sleep for two days, though. “Andrea should be happy. Andre’s good deeds should continue.”

Fans don’t have to be bored: ‘Puneeth Memapham’ is going to be a show for fans
Posthumous Karnataka Ratna Award for Puneet Rajkumar
Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai said the Karnataka state government has decided to award actor Puneet Rajkumar a posthumous Karnataka Ratna award.

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