‘Doddhatti Bore Gowda’ movie on asylum scheme; Trailer of the featured film

Content oriented films are winning in Kannada. The film ‘Doddhatti Bore Gowda’, a rural story, which belongs to that line, is attracting attention. This movie is directed by K. M. Directed by Raghu. The film won the Best Film Award at the Bangalore International Film Festival.

“I had earlier directed ‘Tharle Village’ and ‘Parasanga’. Now I have directed the film ‘Doddhatti Bore Gowda’ based on Grameen Sogad. A story woven around the house. In our film, we have shown how a person struggles to get a shelter scheme house given by the government to the poor in the village…’ says K. M. Raghu.

Actor Mitra as him in Parasang
Our film also won the first best film award at the Bangalore International Film Festival. This is not an artistic film. Commercial film. According to me, commercial films are the films that catch everyone from six to sixty years. It is special that rural talents have acted in this film. Everyone was trained for three months and acted with them..’ said director K.M. Raghu.

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Shivanna Beerhundi from Beerhundi village near Mysore played the lead role. ‘I am from Beerhundi, a village near Mysore. I have worked as a Gram Panchayat member. Has experience in theatre.First movie on big screen. In this movie, I played the role of Boregowda myself…’ said actor Shivanna Beerhundi.

Directed by Tarle who chased ‘Gendethimma’
Geeta, Lavanya, Kalarathi Mahadev, Katyayini, Yogesh and others acted in this film. Music composed by Harsh Vardhan Raj. Grameen Sogad’s film will hit the screens in February. The film is produced under the banner of Rajarajeshwari Combines. Sasikumar BC and Lokesh KM have bankrolled this movie.

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