garuda gamana vrishabha vahana movie: Huge demand for ‘Garuda Attention Varshabha Vehicle’ dubbing & remake rights! Raj b. What did Shetty say? – raj b shettys garuda gamana vrishabha vahana movie dubbing and remake rights for huge demand


  • ‘Garuda Attention Taurus’ Vehicle
  • Raj b. This is a cinema starring and directed by Shetty
  • After the success of ‘Garuda Attention Taurus’, Raj B has been touring the country. Shetty

Different ScreenplayGaruda focused Taurus vehicle‘The dubbing rights of the film are demanding in different languages. A remake of foreign languages, including Telugu and Tamil, is being talked about giving story rights. We will come to a final decision later this week, ”said the film’s director / actor Raj b. Shetty Said.

Raj B, who arrived at Kalpana Theater in Udupi on Saturday (Nov. 27). Shetty spoke about the success of the film. “Outside the state, the film has a good response. I am happy to see how people have accepted the gangster image that has been made around Mangalore, without the heroine, punch dialogue. We work very hard. Some guys have piracy. Even before the release of the film, we had made all the preparations in a legal way. Those who love cinema, go to the theater and watch the movie. We are not thinking about piracy. We have worked. The viewers believed. Please don’t look at piracy pictures. Come to the theater and pay for our effort. Weed is common when there is a crop, ‘said Raj B. Shetty said.

Rishab Shetty, another hero of the film, said, ‘The film has got a wonderful response. In the second week, the number of theaters increased. Not only the state, but the film is showing in different parts of the country. Really great to be released in other states. Mysore, Bangalore, Houseboat is enjoying the show. It has been proven that viewers like a different kind of image. But on social media, viewers are told to delete a link about the film being piracy. Before the film’s release, the Anti-Piracy Team was formed and monitored by the team. We have already complained to cybercrime. The wrongdoers will be punished. ”

Raj B, who directed ‘After the story of an egg’. Shetty; Curious from the title!
‘All the districts of the state have accepted the picture. Housefull has also performed in Mysore, Bangalore, Kalaburagi, Davangere and Hubli. Viewers are open to different screenplays. But we are not open to the full extent of filmmakers, ”said actor Raj Shetty. The film’s producers, Ravi Rai B.V. Kassa, Vachon Shetty, Srikanth, Vikas, Music Director Mithun Mukundan and photographer Praveen Shriyan attended the news conference.

Directors in Rishab Shetty’s new cinema What has caused this great change?

garuda gamana vrishabha vahana

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