Rajamouli: ‘Hrithik Roshan is nothing opposite Prabhas…’; The statement made by Rajamouli is now viral!

Actor Prabhas is now a pan India hero. It is not a lie that Bollywood is also pale in front of his movies. Hindi movie producers are also queuing up for Prabhas call sheet. By the way, the main reason for Prabhas to get such fame is ‘Baahubali’ and Rajamouli who directed that movie. But now a 14-year-old video in which Rajamouli spoke has gone viral and has angered Hrithik Roshan’s fans. What is in that video anyway? What did Rajamouli say? Read on.

Talk held at Billa event
In 2009, the movie ‘Billa’ starring Prabhas was released. Rajamouli, who participated in the pre-release event of the film, spoke about Hrithik Roshan. ‘Dhoom 2’ was released two years ago. I wondered why only Bollywood could make films of such quality. Don’t we have heroes like Hrithik Roshan? I have just seen the songs, poster and trailer of ‘Billa’ and I can say only one thing, Hrithik Roshan is nothing in front of Prabhas… I want to thank director Meher Ramesh for taking Telugu cinema to Hollywood level…’ Rajamouli said.

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Hrithik is a fan
Rajamouli is now the Pan India Director. His movies are earning well in Bollywood too. But the fact that this statement from 14 years ago has now gone viral has led to a lot of discussion. Especially Hrithik Roshan fans are very upset.

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Here is information about Billa
The movie ‘Billa’ directed by Meher Ramesh was a remake of the Hindi movie ‘Don’. It was a big hit at that time. Along with Prabhas, his uncle Krishnam Raju, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani, Namitha, Aditya, Prabhas Raju, Jayasudha etc. acted.

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Prabhas & Rajamouli
By the way, Prabhas and Rajamouli share a good rapport. For the first time, this pair came together for the movie ‘Chhatrapati’. The movie became a super hit and gave a big break to Prabhas’ career. Later, everyone knows the charm of Prabhas and Rajamouli through the movies ‘Baahubali 1’ and ‘Baahubali 2’.

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