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  • ‘Wedding Gift’ from Sonu Gowda-Nishan Nanyaya’s Mainland
  • ‘Wedding Gift’ is a story of infidelity in cinema
  • Actress Prema is to play Lauer in ‘Wedding Gift’

Vikram Prabhu’s ‘Wedding Gift’, directed and directed by Vikram Prabhu, was performed at the Kumaraswamy Temple in Hanumanthanagar, Bangalore. Renowned director Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar showed the opening scene of the film. The actress was driving a love camera. At a press conference after Muhurta, the film crew informed.

‘I was working with Rajendra Singh Babu a few years ago. ‘Wedding Gift’ is the first film directed by me. Nishan Nayanya is the heroine of the movie, as the heroine Sonu Gowda Acting. Senior actress Prema Four years later, Lauer is appearing in our film. Pavithra Lokesh and Yamuna Srinidhi are in the cast. While the title may sound like a family film, it is a dark thriller story. The 45-day shoot will take place in Bangalore, Chikkamagaluru and Mangalore, ”said director and producer Vikramprabhu.

‘I was hoping to get a role I hadn’t done yet. Got this picture. Husband-wife should never be mine. Whenever mine comes, the storyline is what happens between them. I loved this role so much .. I hope everyone will get along. It was quite scary when accepting the role. It is a very different character. Those who have seen my character in the ‘I Love You’ cinema, will be surprised here. Actress Sonu Gowda said:

Actress Yamuna Srinidhi, who will be playing the female combatant in the film, is directed by Vikram PrabhuWedding Gift‘I have a good role in cinema. Initially I had auditioned for a different role. Then he gave me a different role. Our Kannada cinema has not made me a brand. They have given me very different roles. That is why I have always been the pinnacle of our Kannada cinema. I got a female combatant role in ‘Wedding Gift’. I played a sports HOD in the movie ‘Yuvaratna’. Sakhat has played a different role in ‘Biragi’. The artist is never satisfied. I have never played a character on the mainland. It is a great desire to play a role.

Actress Prema in Sonu Gowda’s ‘Wedding Gift’

wedding gift

“I trained in the Film Institute of Pune. I have acted in over 25 films in different languages ​​including Malayalam. First film in Kannada. Loved the story so much. I play a character named Vilas, ”said Nishan Nayanya. Balachandra Prabhu is composing the film. While Udayalela is doing photography, Vijet Chandra is responsible for the compilation.

Actress Yamuna Srinidhi says:

Actress Sonu Gowda

Actress Yamuna Srinidhi says:

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