puneeth rajkumar house: Puneeth: palace without ‘prince’; This photo of Appu’s house going viral! – Other actor puneeth rajkumars house photo goes viral


  • On October 29, Iloka abandoned Appu
  • Puneeth Rajkumar’s funeral on Sunday
  • This photo of Appu’s house went viral on social media

Dadmane Hoodga, Kannadigar’s love and affection for the family, friends, fans, Kannada cinematographers can not speak in words. Appu is a childlike laugh, a realm of simplicity, a personality known for humility. On October 29, Javaraya Attawasahara, Kannadigara’s beloved Puneet Rajkumar He took them. Dr. Krishnanagarajas of Sadashivanagar. Rajkumar House, popularly known as Dodmane. Appu lived in such a house. But, the house is orphaned without them today.

Appu photo is going viral
A photo has been placed in his house after Puneet’s death. Pooneth’s photo of the flower wreath comes to anyone who sees it. That photo is going viral on the social networking site. ‘Appu’s photo can’t be seen like this.’ Appu, who was in the same house as the king three days ago, is now, how to believe? ‘Appu sar .. Wrap your cutout, Foster, and celebrate. But, the mind is not willing to put a wreath on your photo like this. ‘

Appu movies are a festival for fans. Puneeth was busy shooting for James after ‘Yuvarat’. Its work is a bit pending. Appu’s last film was Chetan Kumar’s directorial debut. Coincidentally, the Tamil ‘Oh My Kadavu’ movie has been remade into Kannada. Puneeth starred in it. Vijay Sethupathi played the role of God in the movie. He has done it in Kannada. It is ironic that Puneeth, who played the role of God, has now gone to God.

There is a strong reason why Lohit changed Anno’s name to ‘Puneeth’!

Fans leading the way to death
Even now, Appu is so emboldened by his fans that some people are unable to mourn his death. Two youths from Belgaum have committed suicide while others have heard of the death of Appu and died of a heart attack. It is sad that a total of over 7 people have died.

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