puneeth rajkumar funeral: Sudeep, who replaced Twitter DP after 13 years, says he enjoyed the match with Puneeth! – puneeth rajkumar demise actor kiccha sudeep changes his twitter dp after 13 years


  • Kude Sudeep from a young age, Puneeth friends
  • Sudeep who often shared childhood memories with his father
  • Kude Sudeep, who was replaced by Twitter DP after 13 years

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The sudden death of actor Puneet Rajkumar has haunted many. Many have submitted their own shraddhanjali. Actor Sudeep, who has been known since childhood, has given a heavy heart to his feelings for his estranged boyfriend. Also, after 13 years, he changed his Twitter DP and uploaded the picture. Sudeep pays homage to his lost friend. Sudeep shared the sentiments on Twitter:

‘Phenomenal star’
This is our journey from childhood. Puneeth was a star when he met Shimoga for the first time. He was embarking on an unprecedented success. Puneet came to our house after completing a visit to the cinema with his companions, as they were very close to my father. We both became friends at the moment, as we were both very much the same age. They were more interested in my toys than meals at the dining table.

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I remember when Appu and I were playing, one of the ladies with them was holding a tray behind them to make dinner for them. Look at his enthusiasm, my vitality. My neighbors and children were all around the house. Someone involved is a star, not a normal boy. Preferably Dr. Rajkumar’s son Puneet.

From there we have visited often. It was like being in the same cinema as friends again. Not just a friend now, but a rival. A brilliant actor, a good dancer, and a fighter, above all, an extraordinary man. I enjoyed the competition with them very much. It motivated me to be even better. I am proud to be his contemporary actor.

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The cinema industry is bare. Time seems to be cruel. Nature is also mourning. My breathing became heavy as I landed in Bangalore and went to the place where his body was kept. Anxiety is the closest I get to an unacceptable truth. Seeing them in bed is like a rock on the chest. Thousands of questions, thoughts, and minds in mind? Why ??

For the first time, breathing became difficult. A colleague, a friend could not see for a long time that he was sleeping quietly. That scene still haunts me. It was sad to see Shivanna in this situation. He was thirteen years younger than me (Puneeth). I played him in these arms. What else to look for? ” – still echoing in my ear.

Everybody is in mourning, nodding. It is very difficult for everyone to accept this fact. Though admittedly the position is empty. No one can fill it. It belongs to this simple creature. ‘Puneeth’ is the love of all of us

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