Salary package of Rs 2.05 crore to B.Tech student in IIT Roorkee, great job offer in IIT Madras and Guwahati

Salary package of Rs 2.05 crore to B.Tech student in IIT Roorkee, great job offer in IIT Madras and Guwahati

American company Databricks has given an annual package of Rs 2.05 crore to a student of IIT Roorkee. This student is a student of B.Tech Computer Science. The company gave job offer to only one student from the institute. This is the best package till date from IIT Roorkee. Earlier, the highest international package was Rs 1.53 crore.

The performance of IIT Roorkee students this year in placements has been excellent. He has won many domestic and international packages. According to reports, last year the highest domestic package of Rs 80 lakh was received. This year, packages ranging from Rs 1.30 crore to Rs 1.80 crore have been offered. The placement drive of the institute started on 1 December.

According to reports, top quantitative companies and global investment companies offered packages worth more than Rs 1 crore to engineering students on the first day of the placement drive. These include companies like Quantbox Research, QuadEye, Maverick Derivatives, Optiver, Da Vinci, Graviton Research Capital and Squarepoint Capital.

IIT BHU: Not even half of the package of Rs 1.68 crore given in pre-placement, minimum salary offer also reduced.

Similarly, the biggest international package at IIT Guwahati has gone up to Rs 2.05 crore. The highest domestic offer here was Rs 1.20 crore. In the placement drive, major companies like Google, Microsoft, Mercedes, Bank of America, Bharat Petroleum, Bajaj, HPCL, Akasa Air, Navi, Piramal, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments arrived here for recruitment.

At IIT Madras, 50 percent students got job offers in the first phase of the placement drive in December 2023. The average package offered by companies in the first phase was more than Rs 19 lakh. 1,612 offers were received from more than 480 companies. The maximum package was recorded at Rs 1.31 lakh, while the average package was Rs 17 lakh.

The performance of IIT Kanpur and Delhi has also been better.

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