Whether watching IPL or football match on the big screen, these smart TVs will change your experience.

Whether watching IPL or football match on the big screen, these smart TVs will change your experience.

Best Smart TV: We do not need to tell you what is the number of cricket fans in India. Everyone likes to watch cricket matches. After the World Cup is over, now everyone is excited about IPL. If you want to enjoy the upcoming IPL season on the big screen in your home, then we are telling you about some great smart TVs. Not only cricket but you can watch movies, TV shows etc. everything on this big screen. The advantage of a bigger screen is that you are able to see things better even from a distance. Besides, their sound and image quality is also good.

In this article we are telling you about 3 best smart TVs which you can buy either online or offline.

SONY Bravia 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD LED Google TV with X1 4K Processor

MRP-Rs 59,900

Discounted Price – Rs 45,590   

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This smart TV of Sony Bravia is 43 inches and comes with 4K Ultra HD LED screen. In this you get a resolution of 3840*2160 pixels. This smart TV has 20 watt speakers which give you clear sound. Sathi Dolby Audio is also supported. Smart TV has 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB port.

Why is this TV better for watching sports?

If you are wondering why only this TV is better for watching cricket matches or other sports, then actually, it has Motion Flow XR technology which shows you smooth and sharp details even during fast paced sports action. Also, due to added frames and precise analysis, there is no problem of motion blur and you get a clear and good experience.

OnePlus Y1S Pro 126 cm (50 inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Android TV with Gamma Engine (2022 model)

MRP- Rs 45,999   

Discounted Price- Rs 32,999  

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OnePlus Y1s Prois a 50 inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV. It has 3840*2160 pixel resolution and 10 bit color depth, which gives you good color accuracy in every frame. The refresh rate of this TV is 60 Hz which allows you to watch fast paced scenes with minimal motion blur. OnePlus TV has support for Dolby Audio and 24-watt dual speakers.

What is its specialty?

Xiaomi"https://feeds.abplive.com/onecms/images/uploaded-images/2023/12/12/94b0aaa85e2845c4e601699e134f855c1702367583522556_original.png" />

MRP- Rs 59,999  

Discounted Price-Rs 41,999 

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In this TV of Xiaomi, you get a bezel less display which improves your viewing experience. You get the best picture quality due to 4K Ultra HD resolution. This smart TV comes with a 40-watt speaker and you get support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. Like every smart TV In this you get support of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and other OTT apps.

This is its special thing 

The Vivid Picture Engine found in this TV enhances various colors, contrast, saturation and brightness. The photoelectric sensor found in it works with the Vivid Picture Engine to automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient light in your environment. That means the brightness adjusts automatically.

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