Women’s Day 2023: These banks and NBFCs are offering more interest on FDs to women, see full list

International Women’s Day 2023: Tomorrow i.e. on March 8, International Women’s Day will be celebrated. Most of the banks are giving good interest to women customers on schemes like fixed deposits and RD. In such a situation, if you are going to invest money in these schemes, then know about the offers of some banks, non-financial institutions and housing finance companies mentioned here, which are giving higher interest rates to women than normal customers. < /p>

Indian Bank

Indian Bank has brought a special FD named IND SUPER 400 DAYS for its customers. This scheme has been launched on 6 March 2023. In this, women are being given 0.05 percent more interest as compared to ordinary citizens. Common people are getting 7.10 percent interest rate on this 400-day FD and women below 60 years of age are getting 7.15 percent interest rate. At the same time, 7.60 percent interest rate is being offered to senior citizens and 7.65 percent to senior citizen women, while 7.85 percent interest rate is being offered to senior citizens above 80 years and 7.90 percent to super citizen women.

Punjab and Sindh Bank

State Bank Punjab and Sindh has launched a special FD for women investors. Its name is PAB Grih Lakshmi Fixed Deposit Scheme (PSB Grih Lakshmi Fixed Deposit Scheme). Under this scheme, if a woman below 60 years of age invests in FD by going to the branch, then she gets 6.65 percent interest rate and 6.90 percent interest rate for online mode. On the other hand, senior citizen women get 7.15 percent interest rate offline and 7.40 percent interest rate for online senior citizen women. This FD is of 551 days.

Shri Ram Finance Fixed Deposit

Shri Ram Finance Company is offering its women investors 0.10 percent higher interest rate than male investors. On the other hand, senior citizen women are getting an additional benefit of 0.60 percent.

Women’s Honor Saving Certificate

Mahila Samman Saving Certificate is a small savings scheme which was introduced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Budget 2023. Under this scheme, any woman of any age can invest up to Rs 2 lakh in this scheme. Under this scheme, women get an interest rate of 7.50 percent. You can invest in this scheme by visiting any post office.

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