7th Pay Commission: Gift to government employees on the first day of the financial year, 4% increase in dearness allowance here

Government Announce DA Hike: The government has announced an increase in Dearness Allowance Increased to the employees. This increase has been made 4 percent, which will be considered effective from January 2023. On the very first day of the financial year 2023-24, the state government has given gifts to its employees and pensioners. With this increase, the exchequer of the government will be burdened more than before. 

The Central Government had recently given a gift to the Central Employees and Pensioners by increasing the Dearness Allowance. The central government had increased the dearness allowance of employees by 4 percent to DA 42 percent and DR to 42 percent, which is effective from January 1. Earlier, the government was giving 38 per cent DA to the employees. 

Which state government has announced a hike in dearness allowance 

This increase in dearness allowance has been done by the Assam government. Now the employees will be given 42 percent dearness allowance under the 7th Pay Commission. Along with this, the pensioners of this state will also get the same dearness relief. Giving information from his Twitter handle, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that our government takes care of the employees. I am happy to announce that the government has increased the DA of the employees by 4%. 


How much will the salary increase 

The Chief Minister of Assam said that the new DA and DR of employees and pensioners has increased to 42 percent due to the increase in dearness allowance by 4 percent. If the basic salary of an employee is Rs 23,500 per month, then DA at 42 per cent will be Rs 9,870. This is Rs 940 per month more than the previous dearness allowance. 

This state government had also increased DA 

It is worth noting that during the cabinet meeting on 24  March 2023, taking a big decision, the government had increased the DA by 4 percent to the central employees and pensioners. After this Rajasthan and now Assam government has announced the hike. 

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