Aadhaar Card: Government is going to ease this big difficulty, all documents of DigiLocker will be auto updated from Aadhaar!

Aadhaar Update Platform: The government is preparing to ease a big difficulty of the people. According to a report, the government is developing a platform for people who store documents in DigiLocker to auto-update addresses and other information across departments through Aadhaar. 

According to ET’s report, the Ministry of ET and Electronics (MeitY) is discussing it with several ministries like Transport, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and Election Commission to shape it, which is being formed now and is in the initial stage. is in. 

First there will be facility for these departments 

IT Ministry will first provide auto-update facility for those departments, which issue driving license, ration card, voter ID card etc., whereas this facility will be provided for passport in the next phase. An official said that we are in talks with the departments regarding this project. 

How will the auto-update system work 

This change will be done for all documents and will appear in both physical and online formats. According to the official, the auto-update system will be prepared with everyone’s consent. If any person wants to avail this facility, they will be asked to give their consent, after which the platform will seek the consent of the concerned department. 

Suppose a person updates address or other information in Aadhaar, then this system will ask him for information to update it in all other ministries. If consent is given, this information will be  updated without revealing confidentiality. 

There will also be an option not to choose this system 

The officer told that there will be an option not to choose this system. If a person wants, he cannot choose this system. He will be given the option of this. For this they may have to fill a form. 

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