PNB KYC Update: Do you also have an account with this bank? Do this work soon, otherwise the account will be closed

PNB KYC Update: Do you also have an account with this bank?  Do this work soon, otherwise the account will be closed

Having a bank account has become necessary in today’s time. Without that it can be difficult for people to transact. In such a situation, think that if your bank account is suddenly closed, then what will be your condition? Although bank accounts are not closed just like that, but if you are also a customer of Punjab National Bank, then there is an important message for you.

Account will be closed from next month

Punjab National Bank is constantly sending alerts to all its customers. The country’s second largest public sector bank has asked its customers to get their KYC updated before the end of August. Customers who have not updated KYC and do not do so till August 31, 2023, their bank account will stop working from next month.

Bank has sent notices twice< /h3>

PNB has said that it has sent two notices to all those customers whose KYC is not updated in their bank accounts. Reminders have been sent to all such customers twice through SMS on their registered mobile numbers from the bank. Apart from this, the bank has also sent two notices to the registered address.

Reserve Bank has given instructions

As per the information given by the bank, KYC for all customers The deadline for updating is 31 August 2023. Customers who have not updated KYC before the deadline is over, transactions will not be possible from their bank accounts from September 1. PNB says it is asking all customers to do this in compliance with RBI’s guidelines on KYC.

Customers to do this

All customers of PNB had to get the KYC updation done by March 31. The bank has given time till August 31 to the customers who have not updated KYC till that time. Under this process, if anything has changed in the customer’s information like address, mobile number, email ID, etc., then it has to be updated by submitting the proof. If there is no change, the customer can inform the bank by sending an email or letter or by visiting the branch that there is no change. In these cases no paper will be required.

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