SBI Credit Card ALERT: Just another 3 days ..! SBI surcharges from December 1

State & zwnj; Bank & zwnj; Off & zwnj; Remember what saddened Indian consumers? SBI Credit From now on, Rs.99 processing will be available on EMI transactions made through cards. SBICPS & ls will charge a fee, as well as taxes. Said a few days ago. 2021, December & zwnj; The new rule will come into force from 1. That means there are only three days left. Retail & zwnj; Shops, ecommerce & zwnj ;, Amazon, Flipkart, Mintra & zwnj; Fees are charged on EMIs for purchases made on websites.

SBI Credit & zwnj; The company sent an e-mail to card users a few days ago. Sent. ‘Dear customer! Merchant & zwnj; 2021, December 2021 on all types of EMI transactions made on outlets, websites and apps. 1 to Rs.99 Processing & zwnj; Fees and taxes apply ‘, says SBICPS Explained in the mail. This provision will not impose an additional burden on millions of consumers.

Generally, merchants subsidize consumers by paying interest to banks on EMI transactions. ‘Zero Interest’ when purchased Offers are being announced. December & zwnj; 1 to Processing & zwnj; Fees will be charged. Fees are payable on transactions converted into EMIs. Fees will be refunded if the relevant transaction fails. Pre Closer & zwnj; If so, they will not pay.

Pre-Used Transaction EMI December & zwnj; There will be no processing fee on it if it starts later. But reward points are not given. ‘By industry standards S & zwnj; BICPS & zwnj; L & zwnj; Processing & zwnj; Charging fees. Private companies charge for it through channels, ‘a company official told the media.

Processing charged & zwnj; Fees seem to meet in EMIs. However, analysts predict that this will have a major impact on ‘buy now .. pay later’ schemes.

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