Paytm Q2 Result: Further increased Paytm losses .. What is the situation in the market on Monday?

Paytm parent company One & 97; Communications & zwnj; The losses increased even more! 481 crore consolidated in the quarter ended September 2021. Registered the law. The loss for the quarter ended June was Rs 376 crore. Paytm reported a net loss of Rs 435 crore for the same quarter last year.

Annual operating income rose 64 per cent to Rs 1,086 crore. 663 crore during the same period last year. Revenue from non-UPI payments increased by 52 per cent to three times on other services and financial services. Paytm Stock & zwnj; This is the first time the results have been released after entering the market.

Annual payments and financial services revenue rose 69 per cent to Rs 842 crore. Commerce & zwnj ;, Cloud & zwnj; Services revenue rose 47 per cent to Rs 243 crore. Financial services and other income rose 250 per cent to Rs 88.70 crore during the quarter. Their grass & zwnj; Merchandise & zwnj; Value (GMV) grew by 107 per cent year-on-year to Rs 1,95,600 crore. GMV stood at Rs 83,200 crore in October. The company averaged Rs 11,369 crore per month GMV.

The company’s management spoke on the results. Mercantile in their ecosystem Explained that the partners are growing. 1.85 crore registered merchants during the same period last year. While now their number has increased to 2.3 crores. Paytm All & zwnj; In & zwnj; One & zwnj; QR & zwnj; Code & zwnj ;, Paytm All & zwnj; In & zwnj; One & zwnj; POS & zwnj ;, Paytm Soundbox & zwnj; The number of traders has increased with the rise of such policies. September & zwnj; 28 lakh on an annual basis during the quarter. It revealed that it had given loans of Rs 13 lakh in October alone.

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