Indian Passport: There was a big decline in the strength of Indian passport, these reasons became heavy

India’s Mobility Score: The strength of India’s passport has declined during the last one year. Now the mobility score of the Indian passport has come down even lower than before the Corona epidemic. With this, India’s ranking in the list of powerful passports has come down by 06 places. released, which shows that India’s mobility score has decreased. This year, India’s score has decreased the most in the index. Now i.e. in March 2023, this score has come down to 70. It was 71 in the year 2019 before the Corona epidemic, and later it increased to 73 in the year 2022.

Now this is India’s ranking

According to the index, this This year the ranking of Indian passport has come down to 144. A year ago, the ranking of the Indian passport was 138. This decline has come at a time when traffic has recovered rapidly after the epidemic and economies have opened up. The performance of passports of other large economies has also deteriorated. The passport ranking of Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Thailand has decreased like that of India. This shows that Asian countries have failed to capitalize on the worldwide boom in traffic last year. The main reason for the decline in the ranking of the Indian passport is the policy of the European Union.

Improved ranking of these countries

South Korea is the best performer among Asian countries. This country’s passport is ranked 12th with a mobility score of 174, while Japan is ranked 26th with a score of 172. This year the score of only 10 countries has improved. Sweden has now overtaken Germany to reach second place. Kenya’s ranking has risen by four places. This is the biggest jump of any country this year.

This is how strength is determined

The strength of passport of any country is known from the fact that How many countries can you visit without needing a visa? According to this, the mobility score of a country’s passport is decided.

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