Bihar Board Topper Story: Learn the secret of success from Sheikhpura’s Mohammad Rumaan Ashraf, you have to prepare like this

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Sheikhpura: It is said that if there is true passion in the mind and the spirit of doing something in the heart, then even the most difficult path becomes easy. Mohammad Rumaan Ashraf of Sheikhpura has become a living example of this. There is an influx of congratulators at Ruman’s house. The world salutes your success. His hard work is hidden behind this success of Ruman. What the world cannot see. Ruman reveals the secret of his success. Ruoman explained how he prepared. How did you study? Didn’t consider day as day and night as night. Be dedicated towards your goal. There was a future in front of him, not board exams. The spirit of grooming that future was visible. That’s why he used to study continuously. Used to practice

Ruman topped in 10th

The Education Minister released the result of Bihar Board 10th examination. The name of Mohammad Rumaan, a resident of Sheikhpura, was called out. At that time, the hard work done for success was visible in Ruman’s eyes. How happy was his family. Everyone was watching the success of Roman. There is no effort behind that. Ruman has got 489 marks. After the result, there was an atmosphere of celebration at Ruman’s house. Ruman told about his success in conversation with the media. In an interview given to a TV channel, Ruman said that he did not expect that he would top the list. As soon as the results came, congratulations started pouring in from teachers, neighbors and family members.

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secret to top

Ruman told the secret of his success to the help from his own family. He said that his mother contributed a lot in his preparation. He used to study with focus. He did not resort to any kind of external element. Do not disturb them. Mother used to take care that everything was right while studying. Ruman said that it was difficult during the Corona period. Even after that he kept his focus at one place. Ruman meant to say that do your studies with full focus. According to Ruoman, after taking the exam and adding up his own numbers, Ruoman was hopeful that he would top the exam. But it was not likely that he would top the entire Bihar board. When asked about the plans of further studies, he said that he has not taken any decision regarding the stream at the moment. Ruman said that students should prepare themselves by staying focused. One should not pay attention to things here and there.

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Self study required from tuition

Ruman has given a special advice to the students. In a conversation with the media, Ruman has told that there is no alternative to self-study. Self study is a great weapon. You are doing tuition, that is a different matter. Tuition can be taken for some subjects. Along with books for self-study, you can take the help of many mobile apps. There are many good ingredients in that too. Ruman has described his favorite subject as Sociology. Ruman said that parents had a special contribution in their preparation. He helped. Father is a school teacher. Ruoman knew how important studies were to him. That’s why he used to do his studies with full preparation.

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‘Study hard’

Ruman advised the students that it is necessary to study for five hours a day to top and be successful. Study at home. Internet and media can be used for studies. Students must study for five to six hours. Ruoman is fond of joining the army. Ruman dreams of serving the country in the future. They will prepare for that. Will continue his studies further and on the basis of hard work will get a big position in the army as well. Ruman has advised other students to study by heart. It is not right to study in a haphazard manner. That’s why whatever study you do, do it with your heart.


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