UP Nagar Nikay Chunav: Nitish will try his hand in Yogi’s bastion, has special planning for 2024

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Patna: Despite the fact that the history of civic elections is not good, Janata Dal United (JDU) has made up its mind to participate in the civic elections of Uttar Pradesh. In fact, the state president of JDU, who is fighting to make Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar the Prime Minister, is going to actively participate in the civic elections to strengthen the base in his neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh. This step of the party is being done to prepare vote bank at the base level. All this because if the upcoming Lok Sabha elections are to be contested, the party’s inroads should remain strong at the civic body level. The party believes that in order to create a national image, the party will have to move out of the state.

When will the elections be held?

In Bihar’s neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh, this election will be held in two phases. The first phase of polling will be held on May 4 while the second phase will be held on May 11. JDU will contest on all the seats in the civic elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh.

The army of preachers will descend!

JDU has not announced to field its candidate only on all the seats. Rather, he is also very serious about this election. That’s why the star campaigners of our party will definitely land on the land of Uttar Pradesh. Interestingly, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will also visit Uttar Pradesh to ensure the victory of his party’s candidates in the upcoming municipal elections and the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024.

If political analysts are to be believed, JDU is contesting the body elections to register its serious presence. It is not that the base organization of JDU is formed at the body level in Uttar Pradesh. But JDU wants to make its identity at the body level on the pretext that when the party enters the Lok Sabha, the party should not seem ignorant to the people of UP.

Kurmi dominated areas are targeted

CM Nitish Kumar’s target is on 6 percent votes of Kurmi community in Uttar Pradesh. But will these votes be able to get JDU from the pocket of many strong leaders of this caste who are politically very powerful. This is like an objective question. The Kurmi caste shows its influence on about 50 assembly seats. The political base of both the factions of Apna Dal in UP is the Kurmi vote bank. With the help of this vote bank, she remains a partner in power. In such a situation, from BJP to SP, BSP and Congress, Kurmi is engaged in getting votes. It is true that Kurmi caste has the maximum number of votes after Yadavs in UP.

Kurmi society is divided into several sub-castes and parties.

Rampujan, Sonlal, Beniprasad Verma have been Kurmi leaders. To win the votes of Kurmi community, Nitish Kumar will have to fight with the pockets of BJP, SP, BSP and Congress. Together, both the factions of Apna Dal have been becoming kingmakers because of the Kurmi community. Nitish Kumar’s JDU also wants to establish its political foothold in the state with the help of this six percent vote of Kurmi caste. This is not an easy task. Municipal elections will prove to be a litmus test for Nitish Kumar.

Election Commission called officers regarding UP Nikay Chunav, date of vote will be announced

JDU also contested Delhi Municipal Corporation elections

In the year 2022, Janata Dal United also came out to show its strength in the Delhi Corporation elections. Then JDU had announced to contest on all 272 seats of Delhi Municipal Corporation elections. JDU had taken Delhi city elections very seriously then. JDU had also made contact with the people of the municipal area since a year ago. Delhi was bridged with posters and banners. Then, showing a dream to the people of Delhi, a slogan was also given, ‘Let’s go together for a better Delhi’. But later, instead of contesting all the seats of the body, fought only on those seats where the population of Biharis was considerable.

Despite this, once again Nitish Kumar’s party JDU has got a crushing defeat in Delhi Municipal Corporation elections 2022. In this MCD, BJP’s rule of 15 years has come to an end. You had crossed the majority mark.
BJP Foundation Day 2023: From Atal’s ‘intentions’ to Narendra Modi’s ‘magic’, how much has BJP changed in Bihar?On the other hand, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was rejected by Delhi. JDU was not even in competition anywhere. JDU fielded its candidates in 23 seats out of 250 wards of MCD. The focus should be on those wards, where the number of people from Bihar is right. Despite this, there was no competition anywhere. Nitish Kumar, who was dependent on the politics of the country, got a shock once again. Many JDU leaders were engaged in campaigning for MCD elections, but did not get success.
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What do experts say?

Political expert and senior BJP leader Sudhir Sharma says that JDU’s decision to contest UP is symbolic. Before the Lok Sabha elections, JDU is going to enter the body elections to create atmosphere. Actually, in many states there are able candidates, who do not get party ticket, such people take the symbol of JDU or any other party and go into the electoral battle. Now neither JDU nor LJP has any basis of organization in Kerala, Nagaland, Arunachal. But there, the ticket-deprived candidates get symbols by getting tickets from these parties. This is the only door being opened. Some arrow is not going to shoot. This is just an exercise before the Lok Sabha elections.

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