Dead body kept in house for 50 hours to fulfill father’s last wish

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Jigsaw: A person named Abdul Rasheed died on April 7 (Friday) in Baraura village of Gadhani block of Bhojpur district. Even after 50 hours of his death, his funeral did not come out. His dead body has been lying in the house for two days. Relatives said that Abdul and his late wife Zainab Bibi wanted their graves to be side by side on their land instead of in the cemetery. Abdul’s body lay there for two days waiting for the last wish to be fulfilled. Actually, Abdul’s wife Zainab Bibi died in the year 2021. Before her death, Zainab had expressed her wish to the family that after her husband’s death, she should be buried next to my grave. Abdul also had the same wish.

Husband and wife could get soil side by side

After Abdul’s death on Friday, his grave was dug next to that of his late wife. The burial in a side-by-side grave, however, was hindered, and the body lay in the house for two days awaiting this wish-fulfillment. It is being told that the land on which the grave of Abdul’s wife is situated, was being claimed by his Patidar, who insisted on not allowing the dead body to be buried. Here Abdul’s family was adamant on their point. There was also a proposal to bury him in the cemetery, but Abdul’s family rejected it. Even after several rounds of Panchayati, land documents, intervention of CO and Thanedar and initiative of Sarpanch, the diagnosis was not found for two days. However, the body was buried on the third day after the intervention of the CO, SHO and Sarpanch.

what is the whole matter

It is being told that Abdul, a resident of Badora village, died on Friday night at around 8 pm. According to the last wish, his relatives were going to bury the dead body in the ground next to their house. Meanwhile, the cousin of the deceased Moinuddin and his wife stopped the burial of the dead body. After this the controversy started. After this, Shohrab Ali, the son of the deceased and his wife appealed to the public representatives as well as the administration. Although everyone advised to bury the dead body in the cemetery. Whereas, the family of the deceased remained adamant to bury the body there.

CO gave the final verdict

Abdul’s funeral did not take place due to the stubbornness of both the parties. The dispute was increasing, till the third day the dead body was lying in the house. Then CO Udayakant Chaudhary and Police Station President Rajiv Ranjan Kumar reached Badora. Make both the sides sit face to face. Local people were also called. After this Shohrab Ali, son of the deceased Abdul, showed the registry paper of the land. According to which the husband had registered the land in the name of the deceased’s wife Zainab Bibi about 25 years ago. Mainudin of the other side said that Abdul’s family has sold their share of land. We have been fighting a claim case on this land for many years. After hearing the arguments of both the sides, the CO ruled that the dead body should be buried there. After this Abdul’s dead body was buried at the same place.

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