Upendra Kushwaha will come out today to spoil Nitish Kumar’s ‘political budget’, know the complete plan of RLJD chief

Neelkamal, Patna: The budget session of Bihar Legislature has started. Finance Minister Vijay Chowdhary presented the Economic Survey of Bihar on Monday and will present the budget in the House on Tuesday. On one hand, where the government will be presenting the budget of Bihar in the House, on the other hand, Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal chief Upendra Kushwaha will be on a trip to Bihar to spoil the ‘political budget’ of the Grand Alliance government and Nitish Kumar. Let us inform that RLJD chief Upendra Kushwaha resigned from all the posts of JDU as well as resigned from the membership of the Legislative Council.

What is the purpose of Kushwaha’s ‘Virasat Bachao Naman Yatra’

Giving information about Chandra Kushwaha’s yatra, Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal leader said that this yatra is being taken out to save the legacy of Lohia and Karpoori and to bow down to great men. On behalf of the newly formed party, it was told that the national president of Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal, Upendra Kushwaha, has emphasized on saving the values, social justice and socialism of Lohia ji, Karpoori Thakur, JP. Upendra Kushwaha believes that efforts are being made to push Bihar again towards darkness, injustice and anarchy. But Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal will not let Bihar go again in that era under any circumstances.

RLJD will fulfill the expectations that Nitish broke: Kushwaha

RLJD chief Upendra Kushwaha said that we have formed the party with the aim of making Bihar an egalitarian society and the hope of the deprived and backward. Upendra Kushwaha said that our effort is to make Bihar better. People, especially Luv-Kush community, backward and very backward. Dalits, Minorities and Swaran Samaj had initially given the referendum by pinning their hopes on Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar broke the expectations of the public. Upendra Kushwaha says that the yatra is being started only to maintain the same expectations of the public.

Collegium system and education policy will also be discussed in the journey

Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal told that Upendra Kushwaha Kushwaha will tell the public why he left Nitish Kumar’s side during ‘Virasat Bachao-Naman Yatra’. Apart from this, it will also be revealed to the public that against whom Nitish Kumar kept fighting throughout his political life. What was the situation, he sat on his lap just to remain the Chief Minister. The source of Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal said that during the yatra, Upendra Kushwaha will also demand the central government to abolish the collegium system for the reinstatement of judges. Apart from this, in order to repair the ruined education system of Bihar, the Grand Alliance will also demand the government to implement a 25-point education policy.

Upendra Kushwaha’s journey will be completed in two phases

Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal leader Fazal Imam Mallichk told that Upendra Kushwaha will start the journey by paying obeisance at the feet of Bapu at Bhitiharwa Ashram at 11 am on Tuesday after stopping at Bagaha in Champaran on Monday night. Fazal Mallick told that Upendra Kushwaha will address more than 100 meetings during the Virasat Bachao-Naman Yatra. During the Yatra, there will be large gatherings at the district headquarters and Naman Sthal. Apart from this, the party chief will also meet and address the villagers and public in the villages falling on the yatra route.

Fazal Mallick told that the first phase will start from Bhitiharwa Mahatma Gandhi Ashram (West Champaran) on 28th February. During the yatra, Upendra Kushwaha will pay homage at the memorials of great men. Then will also address public meetings organized at the program venue. The first phase of the yatra will start from West Champaran and will end on March 6 at Siwan via Muzaffarpur, Sitamarhi, Madhubani, Araria, Madhepura, Samastipur, Saran. The second phase will start from March 15.

Heritage Save Naman Tour Program First Phase
28.02.2023 – Bapu Ashram – Bhitiharwa (West Champaran)

01.03.2023 – Martyr Jubba Sahni Memorial – Minapur (Muzaffarpur)

02.03.2023 – Martyr Ramphal Mandal Memorial – Bajpatti (Sitamarhi) and Babu Suraj Narayan Singh Memorial – Narpatnagar (Madhubani)

03.03.2023 – Phanishwar Nath Renu Memorial – Aurahi Hingna (Farbisganj) Araria

04.03.2023 – B. P. Mandal Memorial – Madhepura

05.03.2023 – Jananayak Karpoori Thakur Memorial – Karpoori Village (Samastipur)

06.03.2023 – Jaglal Chaudhary Memorial – Gadkha (Saran)
Shaheed Chandrashekhar Urf Chandu Ji Memorial – Siwan

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