Why is China noble for US-Taiwan ‘military friendship’?


  • US-Taiwan-strengthened military relationship
  • American troops stationed on the Taiwan Islands.
  • China torn apart by US-Taiwan relationship
  • Tell the US not to keep a nose on internal matters.

BEIJING: Military ties between Taiwan and the United States are getting worse day by day, which of course has blurred China’s eye. The presence of American troops in Taiwan, especially in Taiwan, has made China sleepy.

China has called the defense relationship between Taiwan and the United States illegal, saying that the US would stop the unnecessary stranglehold on its internal affairs.

Taiwan President Tsai-ing-wen, speaking in a press conference, said that our defense relationship with the US is further deteriorating and that a small number of American troops have landed on our islands.

China grants India-Taiwan bilateral talks

China has responded bitterly and said that this military relationship would serve our purposes of peace. China, which claims that Taiwan is an integral part of it, has opposed the US diplomatic or military alliance with Taiwan without notice.

Speaking on the matter, Wang Wenbin, Chinese Foreign Spokesman, said, “We strongly oppose any kind of official military contact between the US and Taiwan. US insists China should stop interfering in internal affairs

We should not forget that a Chinese principle is the political foundation of Sino-American relations, Wang Wenbin said. Wang also warned that the US should not underestimate the strong determination of the Chinese people to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

US supplies arms to Taiwan: China says it will take action
US President Joe Biden has also announced that China’s military build-up on the border with Taiwan has escalated tensions and that we are ready to provide Taiwan with military aid during an emergency.


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