What is the agenda of this year’s COP 26 meeting? Will the objectives of the Paris Agreement be achieved?

COP26: The eyes of environmentalists around the world are now COP 26 is approaching this meeting. This year’s COP 26 will be held in Glasgow, UK from October 31 to November 12. Representatives from more than 190 countries around the world will attend the meeting.

Climate change 2015 . It has been five years since this agreement was signed. It will review what developed countries have done so far. As well as climate change or and what to do about it. The direction of the Climate Action Plan is likely to be determined.

Climate Change: What is COP 26 and why is it important for the future of the world?

This year’s COP 26 has four main objectives. It will be discussed and tried to achieve. & Nbsp;
1. By the middle of this century, that is, by 2050, the net zero goal of carbon emissions has been achieved and global warming has been kept within 1.5 degrees Celsius.
Has decided to reach. The US has set a target of 2050, while China has set a target of 2060. India has launched a National Hydrogen Mission as well as a policy on solar energy. In the next few years, the UNFCCC aims to eliminate the use of coal altogether, to prioritize electric vehicles, and to increase the use of solar energy.
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2. Protecting natural habitats and populations from the effects of global warming
Protecting the communities most affected by global warming, providing them with the right infrastructure, and taking measures to protect the natural habitats of animals.


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3. Funds Transfer
Developed countries are truly responsible for the climate change crisis and many developing and underdeveloped countries, including India, have consistently demanded compensation. As a result, it was provided for in the Paris Agreement. According to this, developed countries should pay 100 100 billion annually after 2020. These funds will be used to control carbon emissions. But so far no action has been taken.
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Therefore, COP 26 is likely to require developed countries to live up to their commitments and make funds available.

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4. Everyone should come together to achieve the goal
At the time of the Paris Agreement, it was demanded that a proper rule book be made to deal with the crisis of climate change. Countries around the world will work together to create this Paris Rule Book.
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Now it will be clear at the COP 26 meeting that all these countries will come together and sincerely work on climate change and shift the responsibility to each other. Therefore, COP 26 has attracted the attention of environmental organizations and environmentalists around the world.

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