Video: Dead bodies of animals ‘laid’ in Kenya due to terrible drought, people said – if it does not rain, we will all die

The African country of Kenya is currently facing a severe drought. The deadly consequences of the prolonged drought are now visible on the ground. Pictures of animals suffering and losing their lives in the scorching sun are coming from the country. Now the people of rural areas are standing on the verge of disaster. Since September, much of Kenya’s northern region has received less than 30 per cent of normal rainfall. This is the worst level of rain recorded in decades.

This information has been given in the report of Femin Early Warning Systems Network. Pastures have been exhausted due to lack of rain and there has been a huge shortage of food and water. People have lost more than half their cattle. Those left have become so weak that they can no longer produce milk and are so thin that they can no longer be sold. “No one will buy them now,” he says.

Animals weakened in search of water
A local resident said that in the last four months the price of a cow has dropped from about $357 to $45. People affected by drought often have only maize as food. Their animals have become very weak as the distance to find water increases. If there is no rain by the end of the year, experts predict that it will be the third consecutive worst rainy season since December 2020.
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‘First animals then we all die’
Al Jazeera reports that Aidan Gidhayes and his large family in the village of Benane already know what tomorrow’s meal will be. Mecca for the children in the morning and same for the animals in the evening. Gidhayes says that if it doesn’t rain, our animals will die and then we will all die. According to the World Meteorological Organisation, 2020 has been recorded as the third warmest year ever recorded in Africa. It is estimated that by 2050, the temperature can increase by 2.5 °C.


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