UN Climate Talks: India’s key victory on the international stage .. with 200 countries together ..

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (Climate Change Conference COP 26) concludes in Glasgow, Scotland. The talks ended with the goal of a global agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. However, India has achieved great success in international diplomacy at this conference. India has played a key role in persuading the world to reduce coal consumption as part of these climate talks. The agreement was signed by nearly 200 countries at the COP26 Summit. We all say the goal is a pollution-free world.

There is strong opposition from some countries to accelerating the reduction of coal fuel, an inefficient fossil fuel. In this order Australia, America, Turkey, Colombia, Indonesia, Japan & zwnj; It is a welcome development that countries are supporting this agreement, hoping for a significant change from their previous views. Representatives of various countries on climate change have urgently combined two weeks of crucial discussions and succeeded in accelerating this global climate action. Overall, the COP26 summit ended unanimously. However, it is possible that the goal can only be achieved through the collective efforts of all nations, and only through immediate action. The Glasgow Climate Agreement played a key role in accelerating this climate action. Again all countries have agreed to review their current carbon emissions targets by 2030. Agreed to further strengthen weather measures in the same year.

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