This is the heart of Milky Way: The New Chapter of the Milky Way’s Great Black Hole!


  • A giant black hole in the heart of the Milky Way galaxy.
  • NASA will study the Milky Way black hole.
  • Black hole study with the help of James Webb and the EHT telescope.
  • Segaterius A black hole about 25,640 years from Earth.

Washington: Our Milky Way or Milky Way galaxy is one of the numerous galaxies in the universe. But the only difference between the other billions of galaxies and our Milky Way galaxy is that the galaxy has a known planet (Earth) that nourishes life. Astronomy has yet to answer the question whether it is in a planetary existence in another galaxy, or whether it is only for the spacecraft.

But the similarity to other galaxies in the universe and our Milky Way galaxy means that a huge black hole exists in the heart of our galaxy, as in most galaxies. Named Segaterius A, this black hole has about four million solar masses (solar mass).

This giant black hole in the center of our galaxy’s galaxy is about 22 million km. It has a circumference of about 25,640 light years from Earth. But we are not lucky enough to see this black hole directly.

But we captured a picture of a giant black hole in another galaxy named Messier 87 or M87. This is the first photograph seen by the human race on the existence of black holes.

Astronomers’ mood is now torn to a black hole, Segaterius A, in the heart of the Milky Way galaxy. The more we know about the Segaterius A black hole, the more we need to gain knowledge. NASA astronomers are now ready to give birth to Segaterius A for the same reason.

NASA’s James Webb space telescope will be launched in December. The giant telescope, which is about to orbit, will serve as Hubble’s successor. The James Webb Telescope and NASA’s Event Horizon Telescope will be conducting further study of our Milky Way galaxy.

World’s largest black hole available for viewing: TON 618
The James Webb Space Telescope and the Event Horizon Telescope will study the formation of the Segaterius A black hole, its vast astronomical region with its gravitational force, and how this black hole contributes to the existence of our Milky Way galaxy.


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