Saudi Arabia’s former security officer’s big claim, said – Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman can kill me

Dubai: A former senior Saudi security official who helped oversee joint counter-terrorism efforts by the US and Saudi Arabia has leveled serious allegations against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It is alleged that the country’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had spoken of killing the then Shah before his father became the Shah. However, former official Saad al-Jabri, on Sunday, aired the program ’60 Minutes’ by ‘CBS News’. He did not give any evidence in support of his claim in the interview given in the interview.

Former intelligence officers are living in exile in Canada. He alleged that in 2014 Prince Mohammed bin Salman had said that he might kill King Abdullah. At that time, Prince Mohammed was not in any senior role in the government. After the death of King Abdullah, he was replaced by King Salman in January 2015. Al-Jabri warned Prince Mohammed bin Salman through this interview that he has a video that reveals many secrets related to the royal family and secrets related to America.

"Crown Prince can kill me"
Al-Jabri (62) said, ‘The Crown Prince will not keep silent until he sees me die because he is afraid of the information I have.’ Al-Jabri calls Prince Mohammed bin Salman a ‘psychiatry, a murderer’.

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