Restaurant Update: Squeezing pizza, burgers? They contain chemicals used in plastics!

Fast foods .. Doctors and experts are constantly warning about this. It is recommended not to eat too much. However, a recent study revealed shocking facts about fast foods. These are once again found to be very harmful to health. ‘Journal of Exposure Science & amp; The results of this study have been published in Environmental Epidemiology.

Harmful. The study found that popular food restaurants such as Bell contained a plastic soft substance called ‘folates’, which is harmful in their diet.

These folates are usually called & nbsp; Plastic products are used as plasticizers to make them more flexible and longer lasting. They are also used in vinyl flooring, lubricating oils, soaps, hair sprays, and laundry detergents.


George Washington University, Southwest Research Researchers from the Institute, Boston University, and Harvard University tested a total of 64 samples from these popular restaurants. Ingredients like hamburgers, fries, chicken, cheese pizza were examined. This includes almost & nbsp; More than 80 percent of them were found to have a folate called DNBP, and 70 percent of them were found to have a folate called DEHT. The Hindustan Times reported.

This plasticizer called DEHT is mostly used in gloves, bottle caps, belts and waterproof clothing. These are said to be dangerous to the health of children due to excessive consumption in the diet. It is also dangerous for pregnant women. However they revealed that this study still needs to be done on a wider scale. Because it is clear that all these samples were taken from just one city.


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