Rare ‘penis plant’ blossomed in Europe, thousands of people coming to see this flower smelling of rotten corpse

Everyone likes flowers. The fragrance of rose and jasmine fascinates everyone. However, there is a flower that is infamous for its stench. Yes, we are talking about Corpse Flower. Despite this flower smelling like a rotting corpse, thousands of people in the Netherlands are eager to get a glimpse of this flower.

Penis Plant Blooming Rare Event
This flower is also known as Penis Plant. Because of its size, it is named Penis Plant. This flower looks like a man’s penis after blooming. The blooming of this flower is considered a very rare event. Recently this flower has bloomed in Europe, which is only the third time in history. The great thing is that it is not grown in a natural environment, but in a greenhouse.

This flower is blooming in the Netherlands
Botany experts call this flower Amorphophallus decus-Sylvay. This flower is blooming in the Botanical Garden of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. The linga-shaped flower gives off a strong foul odor. For some time it may also be felt that someone is standing in the graveyard where many dead bodies are decomposing. This flower attracts flies and other insects due to its strong smell.

This flower can grow up to six feet
The Penis plant is a huge flower. When in full bloom, the center can reach a height of more than six feet. To grow, the flower requires extremely hot and humid conditions. It takes seven years for this flower to bloom in its natural environment. Its natural environment is found only on the island of Java in Indonesia. In such a situation, the blooming of this flower in the greenhouse of Europe is considered a rare event.

last fed in 1997
This flower last bloomed in the Hortus botanicus in 1997. This time this feat has been done by botanists from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. The Botanical Garden of this university posted on Instagram that the Penis plant is blooming in their garden. He wrote that this flower is in full bloom and it smells like rotten corpse. It is also told that a large number of people are coming to see this flower.


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