Prime Minister Modi meets with European Union president


  • Modi has reached Italy to join the G20 summit
  • PM Modi on tour in Italy and Britain
  • Consultation on Free Trade Requirements

Rome: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a tour of Italy and Britain, held a two-day meeting in Rome on Friday with European Union President Ursula von Lien and part of the European Union, Charles Michael.

Leaders of the Indo-Pacific Ocean region have decided to move forward with plans for free trade and supplementary infrastructure.

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Representatives of the European Union expressed their appreciation for India’s assistance in exporting the vaccine to other countries, achieving a supply of Rs 100 crore for the coronavirus vaccine in India. Leaders of the European Union have assured Prime Minister Modi that they are ready to cooperate in all forms of bilateral ties between the European Union and India to a new height.

Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Baghchi said the meeting will discuss political change in Afghanistan, climate change control and investment promotion.

Prime Minister Modi will attend the G-20 summit to be held on Saturday, November 1 – 2 at the Climate Summit (COP26) in Glasgow, Britain.

Modi, who is in the UAE with the King of Abu Dhabi, inquired about the well-being of Indians
Welcome to Indians: Prime Minister Modi, who arrived in Rome on Friday, was greeted by Indian-born Italian residents with a ‘jailer’. Modi’s reception at the airport was accompanied by a large team. From there, Modi paid floral tributes to Mahatma Gandhiji’s daughter at the Piazza Gandhi Park. Modi had a brief discussion with the NRs and Indians who had gathered at the park.

Meet Pope Francis

Prime Minister Modi, who is due to visit the Vatican City on Saturday morning, will meet Pope Francis, the supreme religionist of Christians. Visitation is scheduled from 8.30 am to 30 minutes. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the head of the Catholic Church, will also be present.

G20 Nations Commendation, $ 5 Trillion Pledge to India’s Corona Fight


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